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An awesome Chrome extension to prevent procrastination

Let’s admit it, everyone’s procrastinated before and it’s not a good habit. You’ll end up being rushed at the end of the day and you might even be tempted to submit low quality work. Thankfully, there are Chrome extensions like StayFocusd that will help you, well, stay focused. This extension blocks distracting websites to prevent users from procrastinating. Users can set the time for when they will want to restrict browsing activity. Alternatively, they can set a maximum number of minutes for browsing websites that are not work-related. Users can also set a challenge for themselves every time they have to change a setting, making it more difficult for users to bypass the system and cheat. StayFocusd is a great extension for people who can’t seem to control themselves from being distracted by other websites.

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  • by Anonymous

    Complex block features easily deflected. Excellent settings. But all I need to do is go Incognito or uninstall the extension (which only takes a second), and I am back on Facebook. :/

  • by Anonymous

    Brilliant but please make it available on safari!. Great extension, very easy to use, good user interface. Exactly what I need - but please make it available for safari!! Google chrome just isn't ideal on a mac. Thank you!